<p>Since I'm going to be taking my first IB and AP classes this year as a sophomore, I'm starting to think about IB classes and my options for my remaining years in high school. I've begun trying to plan out what courses I'll take and whatever while still getting the IB Diploma.</p>

<p>I've got a few questions regarding IB for anyone current or ex-IB kids.</p>

<p>First: Can I take more than 6 IB classes overall and still get the diploma, and if I do, then where do the extra exam points go towards in your overall score? Do the highest scores go towards your overall score or what?</p>

<p>Second: Do courses in which the first year is Standard Level and the second Higher Level count as HLs? For example, if I took IB Business SL I as a junior, and HL II the following year, would it count towards the HL requirement?</p>

<p>Third: Is it true that you have to take the HL Exams senior year to get the IB diploma? I'm going to finish IB Math HL II as a junior because I'm ahead in math. I'm obviously going to take a math course senior year (Multivariate Calculus/Matrix Algebra), but I'm concerned with whether I'll be as prepared as I otherwise would have been. </p>

<p>Fourth: Should I take an IB Business class instead of an IB History class or even take both? Which one's harder? Additionally, what classes have overall the most difficult material/exams? The easiest?</p>

<p>Fifth: How hard is it to manage 6-7 IB classes? How many hours a day do you find yourself doing homework/studying? Do you still have times for clubs/ECs and even <em>gasp</em> time for a social life?</p>

<p>Sixth and Last: Do you personally believe it's worth it to do the full IB Diploma? (This is the part where you reassure me and say "totally ;D" because I don't have the choice to take all APs at my school.)</p>

<p>Any other insight is appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>bump for advice</p>

<p>1) It's definitely possible to take more than 6 IB classes. People at my school took extra classes after testing out of classes (generally SL, I think) junior year. I don't know anybody who's tested in more than 6 though. That doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible, I just haven't personally seen it done.
2-4) Wow, it sounds like you have a lot more choices about what to take at your school than at mine. Sorry, I can't be much help here. Just in general, without knowing about what courses are offered at your school, I would go with the IB history, because I enjoyed that class :)
5) It varies. There will definitely be those awful weekends where you can barely leave the house (except maybe to go to the library...) because you have to finish your 3 IAs due the next day. But that's only if you don't learn to manage your time really well. Clubs and sports are definitely do-able. And people always blame IB for their lack of a social life, but again, it's all about how you manage your time and how much you procrastinate.
6) I'm just a rising senior but personally, I think it's been worth it. Some classmates might disagree... haha. I think it depends on what type of person you are. Do you like learning? I think IB is really good at making you think more deeply and not "teaching to the test". Do you like writing? I've found that a lot of things we do are really writing-heavy, even math and science, with the math IA portfolio thing and lab writeups.
Good luck! :)</p>

<li><p>You can take more than 6. I'm taking 7.. possibly 8. It's more about the exam than the full course. The extra exam is just a certificate.</p></li>
<li><p>It would count only if you needed the HL exam.</p></li>
<li><p>You cannot take HL Exams Junior Year, so you'll take HL 2 senior year.</p></li>
<li><p>The choice is yours. History has a lot of essays. Also, from what I've heard.. HL Math is hard, HL Physics is hard, and the it goes down the list.</p></li>
<li><p>Time management. That's all you need.</p></li>
<li><p>Do you want the diploma or not? It's your choice. Some colleges give credit, but that shouldn't be the factor in your decision. All in all, I consider the IB Diploma arbitrary.</p></li>

<p>^ Just for some clarification...
1. Are you saying the restrictions for classes are more about taking the exams than the full course? i.e. I could take 7 IB courses, but I'd only be allowed to take 6 of the exams? Or can I take all 7 of the exams and the worst score in a class that counts towards the sixth area (?) is regarded as "extra" and is discarded? (sorry if that's confusing)</p>

<li>So I'll take the exam senior year, but the class junior year. I wonder if my senior year math class will keep me somewhat prepared enough, or will I have to study a lot more?</li>


<li><p>No, you still take the course, you still get the credit. Are you taking 2 exams in 1 subject area? Because then one will count for your requirements, the other is extra. If one's HL, one's SL, the one that satisfies diploma requirements will count.</p></li>
<li><p>It really depends on your school. You might have to take the class again, or they'll have you review the material come exam time.</p></li>

<p>Okay, thanks for clearing that up. I suppose I have what I need now then. Now I just need to go look for some threads addressing the difficulty of each course's material/exam to make sure I won't be overwhelmed.</p>


<p>Ah, more IB-ers on this board(: I feel like we should have our own sub-board or something, LOL.</p>

<p>Well.. HL Math by far is one of the hardest exams. I've seen exam papers, that thing is hell.</p>

<p>^ Yep! Exactly why I'm not taking it next year.</p>

<p>if AP has a subforum, IB needs a subforum.</p>