IB in canada?

<p>do investment bankers in canada make as much as they do in the us? and will going to a canadian school(ubc or toronto) cripple my chances of getting a good internship(in canada or the US).</p>

<p>If you go to Ivey you've got a reasonable shot. If you don't go to Ivey, your chances are diminished. If you don't go to Queens Commerce, Schulich, or McGill either, then your chances are slim to none.</p>

<p>Go to Ivey. Forget about UBC; it sucks. McGill and Queen's are your next best bets.</p>

<p>if i could go to an ivey i would. but its not that easy</p>

<p>Are you stupid?</p>

<p>"Ivey" as in "Richard Ivey", the b-school at University of Western Ontario.</p>

<p>If we meant Ivy League schools, we would have said "an Ivy."</p>

<p>oh ok</p>

<p>yeah i am stupid when it comes to canadian business schools. no need to be a dick about it</p>

<p>Queen's and Ivey are your best bets...</p>

<p>if you get into Ivey, try to apply for an HBA
however, Queen's is also attractive</p>

<p>as for salary, people here will tell you that Canadian I Bankers don't make as much, and it may be true, but it's nothing significant and it is also cheaper to live in Toronto than NYC. but I've seen some posts say that you can't make 7 figures in Canada and that is completely false, it is possible. living standards are also higher in Toronto than Manhattan.</p>

<p>hey guys I just thought of something,
couldn't Canada count as a backdoor into i-banking for those who don' get into ivies/targets? just go to queen's or ivey and get an IB job in TO and after you gain experience try and get a good MBA degree and go to New York...since most MBA students are international (usually 30%) i don't think getting a BComm from Canada is a problem for Wharton or HBS</p>

<p>any faults in this backup plan?</p>

<p>New York blows, don't come here. Toronto may be smaller, but the quality of life in New York is so much worse; it far outweighs the salary difference between the two cities.</p>

<p>"any faults in this backup plan?"</p>

<p>yes, there are.</p>

<p>high finance in toronto is more competitive than nyc. this seems counterintuitive since wall st. is perceived to be more prestigious than bay st. the fact is that there are so few openings (compared to nyc) for new analysts in toronto that you really must be a top student at a "target" to have a realistic shot at bay st.</p>

<p>it is hardly a "backdoor" into i-banking</p>

<p>i see............</p>

<p>i don't agree with BigCat
how many top ib-feeding schools are there in Canada? Ivey, Queens, Mcgill, UT.. anymore?
On the other hand, how many top ib-feeding schools are there in the US? You have all the iveys plus another 20 or so schools, and that's only the top feeder schools, you got another bunch of students from 50 or more other schools also wanting to go into IB. It's all relative.
In terms of number of applicants/spot, I'd say IB in nyc is far more competitive than Toronto</p>


<p>while there may be a higher applicant:spot ratio for analyst positions on wall street, the fact is that it's easier for a student at a top-tier US target (think HYPSW) to land an i-banking gig than his/her canadian counterpart attending ivey (which is a cut above the other canadian b-schools when it comes to IB recruiting). while ivey may place 30+ in banking every year, a single firm recruiting at HYPSW may take the same number of applicants for FT positions.</p>

<p>Ivey is a graduate school the only have an HBA for undergrad which is simply for the purpose of readying the undergrad for ivey grad. QBS has it's own undergrad program.</p>


<p>We weren't debating how many people from each school get into ibanking. The question was how competitive is canada vs US. The only fair way to assess something like that is to see whether a student from any school will have a harder time getting into US ibanking or Canadian ibanking. And i can tell u right now it's harder for a student from ivey, queens, harvard, princeton, or any school to get into US ibanking than Canadian ibanking.
Are you telling me that it'll be harder for a Wharton student to land a Canadian ibanking job than a US ibanking job?</p>

<p>"Ivey is a graduate school the only have an HBA for undergrad which is simply for the purpose of readying the undergrad for ivey grad. QBS has it's own undergrad program"</p>

<p>the ivey HBA is a standalone undergraduate business program, not some kind of extended ivey mba prep course.</p>


<p>the number of people from each school that manage to get jobs banking reflects the competitiveness of the applicant pool and the availability of full-time positions. the name "wharton" carries enough weight that a well-rounded candidate won't have trouble getting at least a first round interview at most of the places he/she applied to --whether in canada or the states. by the same token, a williams college grad will have a tough time landing an IB job on bay street because the name doesn’t have the same cachet as it does in the states. </p>

<p>having said that, the only way to assess the relative difficulty of breaking into IB in nyc vs. toronto is to compare the ease with which students at each country’s top targets obtain domestic job offers in the industry --and as I said earlier, it is more difficult to land IB in toronto from a top canadian school that it is to secure an IB gig on wall street coming from HYPSW. so, it would make sense to say that it isn’t realistic to expect to just fall into a toronto IB job as a segway into new york. students attending american non-targets or even semi-targets would be better off utilizing their existing alumni network in nyc, rather than relying on toronto as a “backup”.</p>

<p>basically, what i’m trying to get across to you guys is that juliushark is still going to have to fight tooth-and-nail to secure a job at a reputable bay street firm upon graduation from a canadian b-school. if he is expecting it to be a cakewalk, then he has been misinformed.</p>

<p>lol i know it's not a cakewalk, I just thought it would be easier since this is the target semi target list</p>

<p>York University(Schulich)
University of Toronto
University of Alberta
McGill University
Concordia University
Queen's University(QBS)
University of Saskatchewan
HEC Montreal
University of Calgary
University of Western Ontario(Ivey)
University of Waterloo
Wilfred Laurier University</p>

<p>These are 13 schools with only 4(maybe 6 if you think Schulich and waterloo are targets) and 9 semi targets.</p>

<p>I'm not saying you're wrong, I guess it's just hard to believe</p>