IB science class scheduling

<p>DD2 is in pre-IB 9th grade Biology and plans to do the whole IB. But I must be missing something in scheduling:</p>

<p>9th - Pre-IB Biology
10th - Pre-IB Chem</p>

<p>then things get interesting:</p>

<p>IB Biology HL - 2 years</p>


<p>IB Physics SL - 1 year PLUS
IB Chemistry SL - 1 year</p>

<p>her 3 HL's will likely be English, French, and Basket Weaving as the school does not offer HL math (I think) and even if they did she's not interested in Math HL. They offer Film HL, Art Studio HL (not interested and not interested), History HL (2 years on top of AP World History she's taking now) but taking History HL nukes any time to take IB Government, Economics, or some other interesting IB electives (semester longs), and Music HL which would look a bit strange as she should have no trouble with it (piano since age 5) but not sure of the 'implications' for college applications. </p>

<p>So... my question is, the Bio HL is a very interesting class but what is the point of offering it if nobody can take it due to scheduling (who wants to take or even who is able to schedule 2 IB science classes at the same time)... In theory she could take 3 biology years (!) and 1 chemistry (pre-IB) but that would not look good and no time for physics of any variety either...</p>

<p>Am I missing something?</p>

<p>What is IB Basket Weaving? I've never heard of this...</p>

<p>Wow they do IB weird. At my school, any student has to graduate with biology, chemistry, and physics. Then if if opt to do IB then you have to choose what you want to study for the next two years. I chose IB biology, but some of my friends are taking physics or chemistry for the next two years. And the semester long classes are weird too. What are the teachers and classes like and does your daughter plan on going into something related to science, if so, which field of science is it most related to. But she is in 9th grade, she has time to decide and how hard IB actually is, is underplayed. Whatever she chooses is going to be difficult and if she wants to do music, go ahead, it takes dedication and practice. Although at my school it's Music Theory and while I'm in band, I definitely am not going into music.</p>

What is IB Basket Weaving? I've never heard of this...


<p>Just an expression of dismay towards our very wealthy school that does not offer HL physics or chemistry and only kinda offers HL math... But they offer HL in a few other areas.. And then wonder why nobody enrolls in the IB...</p>

<p>So, if you want to take the HL Biology in years 11 and 12, and Pre-IB Chem in 10 (not Chem SL I wonder...) there's no time to take Phys SL and Chem SL... She likely wants to go to science (bio/premed?/??? but has not ruled out Econ or Law)...</p>

<p>I'll call the school IB Wizard and see what they say... IB Film HL sounds enticing :)</p>

<p>IB Film is good. I'm a junior in it right now and I find it interesting so far</p>

<p>After spending a couple hours reading the IB literature at DD2's school it seems that IB Biology HL is 1 year's worth of Anatomy and 1 year of sort-of-AP Biology. So, Phys and Chem IB SL (aka AP) should be the more likely choices for a more rounded science background (and chem more likely to have 2 years' worth (pre-IB chem in 10th and then IB chem SL in 12th).</p>

<p>Dizzy :)</p>