Let’s share our scores an how we thought about it! Join if your candidates, diploma (first or second years)

I can say we did 12% better than predicted. So this is good news.

Diploma awarded! :smiley:

I got a 7 in Math SL and a 5 in Spanish SL. I’m really upset with the Spanish one, though, as I found out I only needed ONE more point to go from 5 to 6. :frowning: Oh well.

I got a 5 on IB Psych SL

Can’t wait for next year’s IB exams!

Can’t wait? Really? :smiley:


English HL - 5
Bio HL - 4
History of the Americas HL - 6
Spanish B SL - 6
Psychology SL - 6
Math SL - 5


Extra subject: Physics SL - 4

Diploma awarded, 34 points!

How do you test for an extra subject? @metsfanAJM

@2016seniorga: At my school, we had the option to take an extra SL class instead of a study hall in senior year. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you get college credit for the class, as it doesn’t count for anything other than an extra IB certificate.

For those who have gotten your diplomas, when do you get the hard copy of it?

@2016seniorga: Not until December, but it probably depends on your school.

Any tips for newbies on how to study for exams. Any study good study guides?

With AP there are lots of good study resources so if you get a bad teacher you have a backup, anything like this for IB?

Cambridge books. Tbh you don’t really need prepbook a for Spanish and English cause it’s more of in class that effects your grade. Sciences, math and social sciences would need books, but my school is IB so most of the time schools are stocked up with resources for us. Barron’s has good IB math and IB biology prepbook tho.