IB scores

<p>I have average stats (2250 SAT, 800 SAT IIs) for an Indian (international) and I have pretty good ECs with a lot of leadership (particularly in the major I am interested in - Economics). I am a full IB candidate and these are probably my predicted grades:</p>

<p>Maths HL: 5 or 6
Physics HL: 7
Economics HL: 7
English A1 SL: 5 to 7 (most probably 6)
Philosophy SL: 6 or 7
Spanish Ab Initio: 7</p>

<p>Essentially my predicted grade may be between 37 and 41 out of 42 (I would anticipate 39 or 40). </p>

<p>How would my worst case and best case scenario look for the following schools:
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
University of Chicago
UC Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon

<p>Thank a lot.</p>

<p>This is hypothetically speaking - I am taking the SATs for a 2250 and 800s in SAT IIs.</p>