IB Students?!?

<p>Based on my "research" UCs care little about those lovely International Baccalaureate Examinations...but I have heard rumors of some kind of advanced standing offerings fo diploma recipients (ie: sophomore standing)...anyone have any ideas/personal knowledge?</p>

<p>You must score atleast a 30 on your IB test out of a possible 45 to qualify for it I think.</p>

<p>7 Points possible out of each 6 Subjects
3 Points from Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge</p>

<p>this I have heard...but any ideas to what this really means?</p>

<p>I'm an IB diploma graduate who's now at UCLA. </p>

<p>If you score 30 points out of 45 possible on IB exams, you will receive 30 units. A year is roughly 45 units, so basically, you will get 2 quarters worth of units. The crappy thing about IB units is that they don't place you out of any GE's or pre-requisites. So therefore, you're basically just getting 30 elective units... you'll still have to take all your GE's and other classes. The IB HL exams might help place you out of first quarter calculus or freshman writing or stuff like that, but I'm not sure because I had AP's that already did that for me. IB SL foreign language does NOT place you out of the foreign language requirement. </p>

<p>Nevertheless, those 30 units can give you a class standing boost. When you reach 45 units, you reach Sophomore standing. Registration (for those without Priority) is done by class standing, with seniors starting first. Therefore, the higher your class standing, the better opportunities you will have to get the classes that you want (and that's really tough at overcroweded UCLA). </p>

<p>To graduate, you need 180 units. If you finish your major before you reach 180 units, you can use those 30 units to boost you up to 180, so you can graduate faster. </p>

<p>If you fail to get the Diploma and receive a Certificate instead, then your HL's will count for units, I believe around 5 or 6 units per HL exam that you passed. </p>

<p>For reference, to reach the 30 points (= 30 units), you need to pass the IB Diploma...
6 tests x 7 points possible each = 42 points
+ 3 points for TOK/EE = 45 points total
No score of 1 or 2; finish CAS</p>

<p>thanks kfc4u!!! that is exactly what i wanted to know!</p>

<p>np geminihop. i was confused myself first too, mostly because most people havent heard of IB, and my orientation counselor had trouble telling me what transferred and what didnt. ultimately, your IB credits earned will show up on your degree progress report.</p>

<p>oh yea, anything over 30 points isnt extra units</p>

<p>Hey kfc4u, I am a student from India. I am also a IB Diploma student... Am I eligible for the scholarships you mentioned, of University of California, Los Angeles?</p>