IB subjects for LAW

Hey everyone
I was wondering if taking a fairly hard subject in IB like Physics HL or Chemistry HL improves your chances of getting into universities even if you are not going to be studying anything related to those subjects?

I am considering switching from chemistry hl to psychology hl to improve my IB score but does that look “bad” on university applications?

Thank you so much for any feedback!

Are you IB in the USA?

I’d say that as long as the class is HL and you score high, most colleges will regard it highly. The classes you take are a personal choice though, whether you take psychology because you enjoy the subject or because you want to have a “spike” in a certain area of knowledge is ultimately up to you. Being a senior in IB I would say take the class you find most interesting, even if it may appear to be hard.

Law schools in the US don’t care what you major in. you can focus on nursing, physics, theater, art history, Italian. They just don’t care.

In the US law schools are graduate schools, not undergrad. First you complete a BA or a BS degree. Then you study for the LSAT and score above 172 ideally. Aim for a top 14 law school. The higher up that ladder you’re admitted the better for jobs and careers, usually.

I’m in the IB in Europe. I thought that universities might appreciate the added rigour of a class like chemistry HL and thereby make my admission chances more favorable.

Maybe I’ve got this all wrong and in reality universities don’t care which IB subjects you take just how highly you score?