<p>How good is CMC in terms of getting grads into IBanking? Do students have to get an MBA later or can they get right into IBanking after graduating with a BA in economics?</p>

<p>That's what I want to do after college too. I think an MBA is virtually necessary, but does anyone know how CMC's placement in top-tier MBA programs is?</p>

<p>CMC has an excellent reputation for the financial world of IBanking, Consulting and Accounting. If you're still in high school and you know these fields are for you, then CMC is perfect for you. </p>

<p>Within a few weeks of first semester, there will be three industry nights of IB, Cons. and A/C. We get the best and most of the interviewers are alums. Over the past few decades, CMC has built a strong reputation in the financial world. The most prominent names include Henry Kravis, George Roberty- Founder of Private Equity Firm KKR; Robert Day-Founder of Western Bank; Harry Mcmahon, Vice Chairman Merill Lynch; and this other guy who was a partner at Goldman Sachs. Every year, the senior class goes on to join some of the best ibanks and firms across the country. We have a strong alumni network everywhere. Now Harvard, Wharton and Yale have alumni everywhere as well. Whats the difference? A Harvard alum won't care about some twit who sends an email. There are 15000 of you! You're also competing with the MBA kids who are a leg up. At CMC, everyone responds to emails. There's a close community that really helps each other out. Every year a select group of students go on the NYC Networking Trip, sponsored by the Financial Economics Insitute, where they meet every big firm on Wall Street and share meals with CEO's Presidents such as Henry Kravis. </p>

<p>I was pretty into this stuff in high school. I had even done a summer internship with Ernst & Young the summer before CMC. I thought I would be ahead of everyone else. To my shock, shock, shock, kids had taken gap years or worked for an entire semester with Credit Suisse or Deutsche Bank. Seriously don't worry about the supply from the top.</p>

<p>When I visited earlier this month, someone I talked to was actually complaining to me that "everyone" in CMC Econ/IR wants to go into IBanking. So while I'm not exactly sure what that entails as a profession, it seems like you'll be in good company :P</p>