Icelandic Heritage and College Applications

I was wondering if my Icelandic heritage could be of any help to my application. My whole mother’s side is from Iceland. I have a deep connection to Iceland and being Icelandic something I’m very proud of. I am also wanting to get an internship there this summer (I’m a junior now).

What do you think?


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There’s no “Icelandic” box to tick on tbe application form-- just “white/caucasian”

No but if you speak Icelandic you can understand the old Norse sagas which is way better.

It’s not necessarily a box to check, but I think if you can emphasize it, it certainly won’t hurt. It’s pretty unique, and it will make you stick out or be more memorable in a gigantic applicant pool.

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Def find a way to,incorporate that somewhere inot yiur application. Not many people can claim that. anything that makes you memorable is a good thing.

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