Iclicker & WebAssign

<p>Does D need to purchase the ICLICKER and WebAssign for Math and Science at the bookstore? If so, is it something she will be able to use all four years? Thanks....</p>

<p>3D calc with flaherty i'm guessing? if so, then yes she needs both of them. iclicker is used to give responses to quick quizzes at the start of each lecture (his way of taking attendance). I guess you could skip that... but your answers are worth 3% extra credit and you probably want your prof to know you came to class if you ever need his help. Web assign you certainly need as this is the source of the majority of your homework.</p>

<p>Unfortunately neither will be very useful past this semester. Web assign is exclusively for 3d calc for one year, and while iClicker could theoretically be required by another teacher, I haven't heard of any others using it. Also, CMU likes to change the sensors that the lecture halls are outfitted with so old iClickers can become obsolete.</p>

<p>You can use one iClicker for all your courses that require it.</p>

<p>Karol uses it for his chem class that a lot of students have to take.</p>

<p>Don't be afraid to buy the iClicker and just make sure you don't throw it out.</p>

<p>hi sorry if this is slightly off topic, but is this the same webassign that is used in class?</p>

<p>Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Enhanced Edition (with Enhanced WebAssign with eBook Printed Access Card for Multi Term Math and Science)
isbn 9780538497398</p>

<p>the price is like almost $100 less on amazon than the cmu bookstore .__.</p>

<p>You cannot buy the used copy unless it comes with the Webassign access code...I didn't see any of those on Amazon. Make sure any book you buy includes the access code for the textbook.</p>

<p>I did find a copy for only $102 on Bookbyte.com last week and grabbed that.
Half.com has a few new ones as well for about $125.</p>

<p>oh its new on amazon for $124.76 and i think it was a webassign code?</p>

<p>Amazon.com:</a> Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Enhanced Edition (with Enhanced WebAssign with eBook Printed…</p>

<p>idk if the forum prohibits outgoing links so.. sorry if it does.</p>

<p>That's the one...I bought books for my S over the past two weeks..missed that..but it's a good price...beats CMU!</p>

<p>CMU bookstore charges full list price...</p>

<p>Does buying the enhanced edition eliminate the need to buy the ebook+webassign?<br>
And does each class have a unique webassign, or would one work for both Calc-3d and modern chemistry?</p>

<p>I have the same question, Releve, specifically about Chemistry. If D purchases the enhanced version of the Chem book, will she still have to purchase web assign separately for Calc?</p>

<p>I just called the bookstore and they told me the enhanced edition for 21-259 includes the webassign and you do not need to buy the ebook+webassign. I'm not familiar with an iclicker since its not listed as a requirement, but I asked and the person said you have to buy that separately and he wasn't sure if it was online.</p>

<p>If anyone learns anything different, please post!</p>