<p>How was it?</p>

<p>I'll be taking icore this fall after a 2 year hiatus (mandatory military service).</p>

<p>Did you guys' gpa take a big hit? The group project is only at the end of the semester right? </p>

<p>Any advice? tips? </p>


<p>Nice donkey kong reference (hope its DK 64). </p>

<p>It wasn't too bad, my GPA took a hit because I spent a lot of time in things besides class. For regular I-Core I hear its a lot of cramming before test week an other than that it's not too bad.</p>

<p>Regular icore is a hit to just about everybody's gpa, with average gpa around 3.05 (honors icore gpa average is about 3.65). The finals will be over about the middle of the week during the week before Thanksgiving. Then your team will meet the Sunday after Thanksgiving and get the case assignment. So you will have about ten days off to rest up for the case, which will get about ten days to complete the case.</p>

<p>Is honors icore gpa higher due to easier classes or better studednts?</p>

<p>i'd venture a guess and say both of those factors play a role in the gpa difference. you also have to take into account that ~150 of the top business students are in honors i-core, and therefore don't take the regular i-core, likely causing the average gpa of regular i-core to drop.</p>