Idea about college supplemental essay

Hey guys, so im applying to a bunch of the top schools (Brown, Wake, BC, UNC, etc) and I have an idea for a potential supplemental essay (something that asks you “what excites you” or “what are you interested in outside of the classroom” or something like that. I have an idea of a topic but I wanted your advice because I feel like it could be kind of lame/not academic enough. I am really really interested in conspiracies theories and mystery cases, and I spend a great deal of time researching them (I even made a short film about them freshman year). I don’t want this to come off as ridiculous or silly, I feel like it probably would, but I wanted you guys’ input, thanks!

I know someone who was accepted to a top university with an essay about her break up with chocolate. It is all how you write the essay - don’t make it sound like a research paper. I say go for it.

Sounds interesting. Go for it. Be yourself. Essays do not have to be formal or academic, in fact often they are better if not. Your interests are off the beaten path and should intrigue if essays are written well.

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