Idea for admitted class of 2015!

<p>Starting with those admitted in December (EDI), we should start a Facebook group or something like that, or at the very least, add each other as friends. I'd really like to know some people before I go (if I'm accepted) next fall. Let's keep this thread going, and when you get accepted, post it on here so we can make some friends before heading to Vandyland! Does anyone else think this is a good idea?</p>

<p>i like this idea a lot! only 22 more days! :)</p>

<p>i like that too! i kind of stalked the facebook group for the class of 2014 last year haha</p>

<p>i totally agree. it would be nice if we at least had an idea of who we’ll be spending the next four years with!</p>

<p>whatever you do, dont be “that guy/girl” that friends everyone in your class over the summer before you meet them. everyone will know who you are once school starts and make running jokes about you.</p>

<p>hmm… That could be a problem.</p>

<p>I’d really like to know some people before school starts though</p>

<p>There no chance of me being that guy, lol, I don’t have facebook :)</p>

<p>Sounds like someone assumes they’ll be accepted…</p>

<p>Haha I’m not assuming anything. It’s just an idea for those who are accepted.</p>

<p>for your sake i really hope you’re accepted or this thread might cause you some post-rejection discomfort.
lol, but its an interesting idea</p>

<p>Haha maybe I should have waited until after I get my results to start a thread about this kind of thing O.o</p>

<p>hahaa, you’re just really excited. so am i. and scared.</p>

<p>I feel your pain. I don’t think I’ve ever worried about something so much. This is going to be the longest 18 days of my life!</p>