Idea for Columbia Students - Feedback

<p>Hey guys, I am Class of 2014, starting at Columbia in the fall. I have tons and tons of questions about classes, what dorms are like etc. and I was just sitting yesterday and thought it would be a good idea to make like a website where all Columbia students can talk and discuss.</p>

<p>I know that this Columbia subforum serves that purpose, but it is not very categorized and does not target most actual students at Columbia.</p>

<p>Thus, I registered, in which I will put up a forum with bunch of categories such as Academics, Class Feedback, Professor Feedback, Current Campus Events, etc. (open to ideas, so if you have any, let me know). I will post this in the Facebook groups for admitted students and then try to target more current students once on campus in september.</p>

<p>I just want a place where we can discuss campus stuff and connect students all around campus with information about events, latest activities, student politics, jobs and internships, happenings in NYC relating to Columbia, and all about Columbia University and its students. What do you current students at Columbia or the new to be students think about this? Do you think it will work? Does anyone have better ideas?</p>

<p>Sorry for asking in this general forum, but the Columbia one is dead.</p>

<p>Thanks and looking forward to some feedback.</p>

<p>You know, that's what most people use facebook groups for...</p>

<p>And how do you know this doesn't already exist? Many schools have things like that.</p>

<p>sounds like a pretty good idea, although if people really do start using it, it may create a more virtual atmosphere in college lol.</p>

Then, why aren't you using Facebook groups instead of CC. I haven't seen anything like it, except the little dead-beat message board on our student portal which everyone is too lazy to use. Something like ColumbiaForums may light a spark in the students' minds to go out there and talk (anonomously or openly) with their peers. Basically, it will be CC on a smaller scale, appealing more to specific college students.</p>

<p>Because I'm not an incoming freshmen. And because my school's board on cc is quite active.</p>

<p>For what it's worth, I do answer random questions on the facebook group for the incoming freshmen.</p>

<p>Well, lets say that someone makes a <a href=""&gt;;/a>, which has all sorts of topics and subforums such as This Week's Events, Campus Happenings, What Coures are You Taking, stuff like that..........wouldn't that be more appealing and wouldn't you at least visit it couple times a week if others are?</p>

<p>No. I'm posting on cc right now because I'm bored out of my mind. All of my friends stayed in StL this year while I went home, so I don't have much to do with my time (besides my internship).</p>

<p>Year after year, all sorts of college forums pretty much shut down as soon as orientation starts. That's because people are actually going out and physically meeting others, and not hiding behind a computer.</p>

<p>However, your idea is a great one for the summer. Just don't expect it to last very long for the incoming class.</p>

<p>CC should just organize their college sub-forums betters--message boards for applicant questions should be separated from message boards for current students.</p>