Idea for Short Story

<p>Hey, anyone have an idea for a short story????????//</p>

<p>what kind of short story?</p>

<p>Ideas are the easy part; working that idea into a good story is the challenge.</p>

<p>But here's one: A man is on the ledge of his tall work building, about to jump. Through memories, he tells us the chain of events that led him to his desperate situation. All of them deal with a curiously evil black cat his wife brought home one dark, stormy night.</p>

<p>hahaha good one! i was thinking maybe someone is trapped in a cage at the zoo and everyone's pointing and no one will let him out!</p>

<p>A guy's not-too-close friend dies (she's a girl), and he must go to her funeral. As he learns and remembers more about her, he falls in love with her, even though she is already dead.</p>

<h2>I like the one about a man jumping off the ledge. Including the black cat. Psychological thrillers basically rock.</h2>

<p>Characher A (a child) has witnessed a horrendous crime. Problem is, Char. A's psyche has blocked out the entire event as soon as the trial ended. Char. A's parents decided to keep him/her in the dark and not continue with psychiatrist. The criminal was sentenced to life on parole.
Years later, someone is trying to kill Char. A. Said criminal has escaped from prison.</p>

<p>there's this good book that one of my lit teachers had called The Writer's Block that's full of random ideas for short stories
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<p>I dunno. As a writer (several times published), I am of the philosophy that good fiction stories can only be written if the idea comes from within yourself. Of course, we all get ideas from somewhere, consciously or subconsciously, but I think the idea or germ for a story really needs to pop into your mind, a personal "eureka" if you know what I mean. The excitement of the eureka moment is often what gives a writer the drive to actually do the long, hard, painful work that crafting a good story takes.</p>

<p>The only way I could write a story based on someone else's idea is if I had some other motivation, like a fat check.</p>

<p>i like ur idea happypoo...can i use it?</p>


<p>sex and senseless violence like every Hollywood movie.</p>

<p>Hmmm...the idea of guy falling in love with a dead girl...that's...well let's just not go there...</p>

<p>Uhm you should think about what you are best at writing or your genre preference. It is often much easier to write a story based on something you have an interest on or have knowledge and experience. It's hard to write a good story (if that's even possible) when ideas come from others and not from yourself. People can definitely inspire and support you with add on ideas but the initial plotline is best done by yourself, I think.</p>