Ideal job in finance?

<p>If you received offers from all the bulge bracket firms/any financial services you think are noteworthy, where would you work (organization, location) and why?</p>

<p>Moelis LA</p>

<p>^To each his own, I guess.</p>

<p>Let's go with Silver Lake.</p>

<p>Citadel .</p>

<p>Top PE firms = the best the best the best</p>

<p>Maybe Brevan Howard if I were to go to HF</p>

<p>I prefer self employment, but if you insist the one that offers:</p>

<li>Equity Partner or Principal, </li>
<li>the biggest sign on bonus, </li>
<li>the best compensation package, </li>
<li>My own staff and deal teams I personally select.</li>
<li>and the most freedom managing over my book, and use of company resources.</li>

<p>It may actually be a merger discussion at this point, my company being the target.</p>

<p>... I would like my own division. ;)</p>

<p>Rennaisance Technologies or DE Shaw</p>

<p>Quantitative juggernauts with eye-popping returns.. I hear Rennaisance treats its workers very well too, unlike the revolving door of talent in Citadel</p>

<p>any young fund with extremely talented employees which gives me a partnership role and equity stake</p>

<p>youre not going to get really rich working for kkr or silver lake your whole career</p>

youre not going to get really rich working for kkr or silver lake your whole career


<p>No, but it would be a fantastic stepping stone and a great place to learn and network.</p>

<p>birdman, what is your definition of "really rich"?</p>

youre not going to get really rich working for kkr or silver lake your whole career


<p>^ He's right because even self employed, with my calculations, I may barely gross $1M a year; but due to the volume of work, I will need help. If I create 2 deal teams of:</p>

<p>1) 1 partner track Sr. Associate, Analyst, Assistant $150k; $104k; $50k = $304K
2) 1 Associate, Analyst, Assistant $116k; $104k; $50k = $270k
Total $574k Net $426K</p>

<p>Half is gone from salaries then I still have to consider bonuses and benefits. I have my operating costs, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and then necessary reserves. I will barely take home more than my Sr. Associate. I did not include success fees in my calculation and I got pay figures from a a private equity study paper from Dartmouth. Success fees could make my calculations irrelevant. I need highly educated assistants so $50k is reasonable.</p>

<p>My first live deal is $10k up front plus a success fee of $160k So $170k. If all 100 live deals that make up the $1M in up front fees are successful I figure an average of 120k per deal which is $120M - Very unlikely. I think I can count on maybe 10 successes so $1.2M + $1M = $3.2M Gross. I expect deal flow of up to 300 a year and a 33% conversion to live deals. That's a good estimate due to the countries I operate in and my contractors (Rain Makers) within those locations cultivating deals. </p>

<p>Long response but when you work as hard as I do every once in a while you need to count chickens. ;)</p>

<p>Short response: "Really rich" is a subjective term. You should take time to evaluate your values to determine what will bring you true wealth and happiness. I like helping entrepreneurs become successful and building emerging economies. It's fun.</p>

<p>Down and dirty NPV of total revenue @ 6% for 10 years = $7.8M I'm a pauper compared to my counterparts at KKR but I own my life.</p>

<p>so I ask again:</p>

<p>birdman, what is your definition of "really rich"?</p>