Ideal Size/Weight For Biking to Class?

<p>What would be the ideal size/weight combination for a laptop if im going to be biking to and from class?</p>

<p>I was looking heavily at around 13" and under 5 lbs, such as the Asus U30Jc-A1. If this sounds like a good combination, please provide other laptop suggestions!</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Something like that would probably be your best choice. you'll definitely want an external monitor and keyboard at your dorm though for long term assignments as staring at a small screen for a long period of time can be bad.</p>

<p>The Sony Vaio Z series are 13" and very light at 1.6kg and decently powerful, but they're quite expensive because they all come with dual raid SSDs for some reason. Still if you can afford them they are the best choice probably.</p>

<p>Alienware M11x with the i5/i7 ULV processors coming in June might be a good choice. It's really small at 11.6" and weighs like 2kg but has probably enough power for anything you might need over 4 years unless you have really demanding requirements. The price right now with core 2 duo ULV is around $1k minus 10% student discount; it'll prob go over that if you get the new processors though.</p>