Ideas for a good major/backup plan?

<p>My goal is to work towards acceptance into a pharmD program, but, I know those are competitive and my GPA isn't perfect, I might be at a 3.5 when I finish my AA in January. I do not have the pre-pharm requirements completed yet, I'll still need bio II, all the physics and chem and another math, so obviously a long way to go yet. I have two years worth of just the chem and org chem. UGH!
I figure I would do okay on an income around $35,000 per year if I just never get into a pharmD program. My first loves are bio and zoology with chem coming in third. What should I major in that might give me a decent enough living if my dream falls through?</p>

<p>Chemical engineering, physics, math, statistics, or computer science >> chemistry or biology, in terms of job and career prospects.</p>

<p>Economics or Accounting/Finance. </p>

<p>Easy to a good GPA in, easy to fit pre-pharm pre-reqs in, and it has good job prospect.</p>