Ideas on what to study with a BS in econ?

<p>I'll be finishing up my undergrad next May, and am trying to figure out what I want to do afterward.</p>

<p>Getting a master's degree from a good school would hopefully open doors for me if I can't find a job right away. I am interested in business, economics, finance and international business. An MBA is out of the question due to my lack of work experience, and most people who are interested in econ seem to go for a PhD directly. I've seen some Master's in Finance programs that look interesting, as well as Master's in international relations that look even more so.</p>

<p>Besides these, are there any other interesting master's degrees I should be looking at? </p>


<p>If you want to do Finance go to UIUC. There master's program is 1 year in Finance full time with great placement. </p>

<p>Go get a Ph.D if you want to.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply. I just realized that UIUC has a lot of master's programs to choose from, and the finance one looks interesting. Where can I find placement information?</p>

<p>I'm not interested in getting a PhD, just a master's that will help me get a job. Just what that is, I'm not sure of yet... That's why I want to do my research well, to know what options I have so I can make a better decision when the time comes to apply.</p>