idk what to major in ...

i got put into business administration by my guidance counselor but idk if i want to do that. i was gonna major in computer science but i have terrible math grades and i can’t even do arithmetic or elementary algebra, which is disappointing. i want to major in something that i will like and help provide a better future for myself and family as i am a first generation college student.

Go to your community college career and tutoring centers for help. Take the math placement test to find out where you are and start there. You want to actually learn, so start wherever the test indicates you should and don’t try to rush your degree. One of your other threads mentioned you want to finish in a year. Don’t do that. Especially if you’re low income. You only get federal aid for a limited number of semesters. With a high school GPA of 2.0, you need to take your time with college. It will be more fun that way, anyway. Good luck!

Check and see if your CC has a class or workshop on selecting a major. Also check to see if they have a “career” class, which would help you discover careers which may be of interest to you (that you currently aren’t thinking about).