IDOC?!?! Please HELP!

<p>So I received an email telling me to submit my IDOC to collegeboard. My deadline to send it to collegeboard is March 1st. I checked the participating schools: </p>

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<p>But in my collegeboard IDOC account, it only says I have to send it to four schools when the link says that seven of the colleges I applied to require it. What do I do? Also, can I wait until I actually get my admission decision from each of the colleges first before sending in the IDOC? I don't want to delay my financial aid, but I feel that sending in the IDOC when I already submitted the FAFSA and CSS Profile for all my colleges before knowing I'm accepted doesn't make any sense. </p>

<p>Thank you guys!</p>

<p>Send the tax return(s) to IDOC now - don't wait for an admissions decision. All you have to do is send the material one time to IDOC - they will make it available to all of the colleges you have applied to that need it. It really is simpler than you having to copy and mail your tax return(s) several times. Use the cover sheet - follow the instructions carefully regarding how to copy the tax return - follow the instruction on how to copy W-2 forms - use the nonfiler form if you (student) did not file a tax return - make sure the tax return is signed. IDOC is not complicated - just follow the instructions closely.</p>