IDOC service for Columbia?

<p>I need to submit a copy of my parents' tax returns, but when I logged onto IDOC on College Board, Columbia was not listed on my list of institutions that require the IDOC information. Am I supposed to mail a copy of the tax return and stuff directly to Columbia?</p>

<p>columbia doesn't accept the idoc so you have to mail the stuff directly, and you probably should have sent it in awhile ago</p>

<p>Kristina, faxing it is probably your best option. I noticed that faxed documents are showing up on the status page much faster than mailed documents. It's just our experience.</p>

<p>lehcar and jjsdad, thanks a lot! I'll probably fax it in then.</p>

<p>yeah and don't worry about it that much, we still don't have our 2007 tax returns completed yet, but we spoke with columbia and they said, just fax it in as soon as possible.</p>