IE or EE help >.<

<p>Hi guys
can u guys recommend me which major I should take?</p>

<p>At first, my heart was set on majoring in electrical engineering (since i love gadgets, robots, etc)
However, lately, i've been thinking that most EE graduates will end up having a monotone life (correct me if I am wrong). That major too have little job growth too T.T:</p>

<p>Electrical engineers are expected to have employment growth of 2 percent over the projections decade. Although strong demand for electrical devices—including electric power generators, wireless phone transmitters, high-density batteries, and navigation systems—should spur job growth, international competition and the use of engineering services performed in other countries will limit employment growth. Electrical engineers working in firms providing engineering expertise and design services to manufacturers should have better job prospects.</p>

<p>[url=<a href=""&gt;]Engineers[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>Thus, i began to wonder whether i am willing to spend the rest of my life working like that...
(Note: However, I still love gadgets, solar energy, bluetooths etc ^_^)
(basically technology lol hahaha)</p>


<p>A few weeks ago, i've been thinking to change my major to Industrial Engineering
it seems to me that IE degrees are much more marketable than EE degrees as IE is more 'general' than EE.
So, i'm wondering, what major should i go with (especially with today's economy)??
i was particularly interested IE since i begin to like economy hehehehe $<em>$
(actually i love learning new stuffs X</em>X... if only i have the time)</p>

<p>my background :
i was raised in Indonesia for 17 out of my 19 years of life...
Took a levels in High School... Bad Results sob sob T_T
Phy : B
Chem : C
Computer Science : B
Maths : A
i'm now in foothill college (in california)</p>

<p>plan :
get an MBA degree
work either in Singapore or US</p>

<p>help help
can u guys recommend me which major should i pick?
for IE, i'm not only looking at uc berkeley... i'm looking at all universities in general 0<em>0
so, if you guys were me, what will you choose and why?
thanks a LOOTTTTT ></em><</p>

<p>Well especially since you want to go into business, and such in Asia then the more you should go for an IE degree. It's the business engineering and it is widely recognized in Asia andnoddly enough only starting to be appreciated in the united states. I think its because ie deals heavily for process optimization so Asian businesses are readily inclined to optimization; but with the recent economy us firms are starting to bat an eyelash at optimization and efficiency.</p>

<p>Berkeley has the number two ie department while cal poly san Luis obispo has the number one department. </p>

<p>Someone once told me that EE is preferred more than ME because you can teach an EE ME stuff but it's more laborious to teach an ME EE stuff due to the obscureness of electricity.</p>

<p>I'm sure either one is good....but EE is more 'physical' while IE is more 'conceptual' and abstract...and that's kinda funny because electricity itself is also intangible.</p>

<p>So What have you been thinking?</p>