IEI fees

<p>anyone else annoyed by these? i tried looking them up but everything they're used for seems like it could be accomplished in email. All any of my classes have ever used them for is for uploading of documents (which they usually tell us in an email!) and the setting of their office hours (also, easily sendable in email) so i'm trying to see what the hell is the value of having these anyway.</p>

<p>Do any of your classes actually utilize it for more than just PDFs/syllabus storage? The only real aspect of value that i can see it having is if it also includes 'turn it in' fees since we use turnitin all the time. But if it doesn't, it just seems like a gimmick that UCLA uses to get extra cash.</p>

<p>I believe they also contribute to the operation of the various academic division computer labs (and are the reason that you get $10 in printing credit a quarter at the SSC labs in Public Affairs if you're in a social science class/major), the CLICC services (labs, study rooms, laptop lending), and the expensive software licenses that the university purchases. Plus, the university pays to archive class websites, which can be a very valuable resource for people who take the course later. I've observed that other colleges either delete the websites once the class is over or never create and host them to begin with. </p>

<p>That said, I find that they're abnormally high and, thus, are still pretty much a gimmick.</p>

<p>^But really, shouldn't our tuition cover the computer labs and CLICC? Our tution has skyrocketed over the past few years. What are we using all that money for?</p>