If a person graduates college in 3 yrs can that person go to med school?

<p>If a person has perfect mcat scores and a 4.0 gpa at college and extracuricular activities, even though that person wants to graduate college in 3 years, can he still get in to medical school? Please comment on your thoughts.</p>

<p>PERFECT MCAT SCORE and 4.0, where exists this mythical beast? </p>

<p>No seriously don't hope for perfect mcat scores, it doesn't happen. Once in a blue moon. The 4.0 is more doable but only slightly more.</p>

<p>However, if one has 30+ MCAT and lets say 3.6/3.7+ GPA then one will be able to get into medschool whether he or she graduates in 3 or 4 years. However, you will have to explain why you did this. Quite a few medschool applicants are older as in they took a year or two off after college, i'd even say most but i don't have the numbers and too lazy to get off the couch and get msar. Applicants who graduate college early are unusual but i don't think you should be at any great disadvantage if you can show that you're mature and know what you're getting yourself into.</p>

<p>In the same way that a HS student who chooses to graduate early does not get "bonus, you must be amazing to have done that" points and instead bears scrutiny as to whether they have taken advantage of all opportunities afforded in HS to develop as an all around person.....that same standard would be held to an early UG completion.</p>

<p>The question seems to be, "Why" why did you do it and how did it benefit you as a person and strengthen you as an applicant</p>

<p>That's great news. I am already pretty old and mature, so this could be in my favor. I really have to work hard though to make this work.</p>