If anyone could look at my stats and tell me my chances!

(Recycled from my Vanderbilt Post)
I’m a Senior in High School, but I am also an Early College Student in the state of Florida. This means that I am a full time, 15 credit hour student at St. Petersburg College (accredited 4-year college) and I do not take any of my classes at/with the High School, period. Junior and Senior Year are spent at the college only, but we still participate in clubs and sports at the High School.

My grades so far: 21 A’s, 20 B’s, and 6 C’s. (Let it be known, I’ve been taking very, very rigorous classes since the 8th grade (I was in PreCalc and done with my math and science requirements by the end of Sophomore Year, but will continue to take/have earned over 10 credits in each by the end of my Senior Year). The same goes for History (finished this year, Junior Year) and English (finished this year, Junior Year).

SAT: Math (600), Reading (650), Writing (700). I didn’t study, and that’s my own fault, but I plan on taking the SAT again in November.

My GPA is a 3.6, please be nice in the comments. . . .

Clubs/Sports: (High School)
Heavily involved in. . . . Band, Student Government, Theater, and Interact Club.

  1. Concert Band (2 years- Assistant Principle Percussionist Sophomore Year, Most Improved Sophomore Female; only offered if going to the High School)
  2. Marching Band (4 years- Historian Senior Year)
  3. Indoor Percussion Ensemble (Freshman Year; only offered the one year)
  4. State Solo and Ensemble Percussion Ensemble (2 years- Superior at both Districts and States Sophomore Year, Superior at Districts and we could not attend States because our Director was in the process of moving; has yet to be announced for Senior Year)
  5. STUDENT GOVERNMENT (4 years- Vice President Freshman through Junior Year and Executive President Senior Year)
  6. Interact Club (3 years- Sophomore through Senior; Junior Year Historian)

    7.Theater (3 years- Sophomore Year I was inducted into the International Thespian Society, Junior, Senior)

8. FCA (Freshman Year)
9. JV Girls’ Soccer (2 years- Freshman and Sophomore Year)
10. Knitting Club (Sophomore Year Co Founder- lost our sponsor Junior Year due to time commitment)
11. Biotechnology Club (Sophomore Year Board Member; could not continue due to Early College preventing me from participating in the ISTEM program at the High School)

Clubs (College)
12. American History Research Club (Junior Year)

Job: Winn Dixie (since September 2014)

Volunteering: 300+ (chose to, not because I had to) :slight_smile:

Also, I was in my High School’s ISTEM Magnet Program for the two years I was attending the school (Biotechnology Strand).

Chances of getting accepted/waitlisted/deferred via ED/EA/RD at:

  1. Vanderbilt University
  2. UNC Chapel Hill
  3. University of Florida
  4. Florida State university
  5. UNC Wilmington
  6. Belmont University
  7. Auburn University

Thank you! 