If anyone could suggest a couple of great books for AP preparation.

<p>I am going to be taking the AP Calculus AB, AP Government, AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics tests this coming May.</p>

<p>Can anyone recommend some really good books for these tests? I currently have personal copies of the economics textbooks but I would also definitely like books to prepare for all of these AP tests. Any great recommendations? Thanks.</p>

<p>I second the request for advice. I plan to take AP Calculus AB or BC (please make suggestions for both), AP US Government, and possibly Microeconomics. When recommending, please say what books you are familiar with, or which books you favor over others, if you know of more than one (so say PR over Barron's and Kaplan's).</p>

<p>Are you asking for textbook or prep book reccomendations? If you're asking for prep books, I probably can't help you, since I've only ever really used Princeton Review, but Ithink I can give some pretty good reccomendations for actual texts.</p>

<p>For AP Calculus, the textbook by Jmes Stewart is excellent. It has clear, cogent explanations and good problems. </p>

<p>For AP US Government, I've been very happy with the text by James Q. Wilson. Our class hasn't started on on Comparative, so don't know about that yet.</p>

<p>For euther Economics, Mankiw is, at least according to my economics professor mother, the best out there. Of course, I'm not sure if it would necessarily be the best for preparing for the AP exam, which I think is a little more basic, but if you prepare well with that, you shouldn't have trouble getting a five. </p>

<p>And that's all I really know. Good luck.</p>

<p>I meant prepatory books, but thank you for the recommendations.</p>

<p>Rhapsody in Green is right. Take his comments to consideration
If you want to score well on economics examinations I suggest buying two books: Barrons and Mankiw that GREeen mentioned. So if you get stuck while reading barrons, you can quickly open up mankiw and understand everything. VERY GOOD TRUST ME haha</p>

<p>The Barrons economics book is nowhere near the caliber of Mankiw's book. It is the very basic version of economics. The Mankiw book is very interesting, it provides a lot of real world examples. I am not sure if it was harder to understand than Barrons, because I read it first, but while looking through the Barrons it just seems like everything is much simpler now. Calc will help you some in economics too. For that use online resourses and the PR book. My brother is an econ major and used Macroeconmoics by Olivier Blanchard, but I havent read it yet, so I cant comment. Its nice that hes an econ major, I get to read all the books.</p>

<p>From what I've read, it seems like people suggest PR and Arco for Calculus, I dont know about government, and Barron's/PR for Econ.. im self studying macro and micro, hopefully its a good combination.</p>