If applying ED send Reg scores or not?

<p>i'm applying to columbia ED and i will be applying to cornell, northwestern etc... regular. since the SAT sending scores system is free until Nov15th, should i also send my scores to cornell? or should i wait? b/c if i wait, i'll have to pay. i'm leaning towards sending nov scores no itself.</p>

<p>Well, when I did October SAT IIs, I sent all of my scores out. It's convenient and you really don't have to worry.</p>

<p>yea... they keep your scores- it's not like they throw them away if you haven't applied yet.</p>

<p>lolboyer. Thank you so much for making this post. I read that thing about sending the scores free wrong and thought it was too late. You saved be 30 bucks that I really need. Muchos Gracias chico.</p>