if deferred EA, do Nov/Dec SAT factor in to admission

<p>or do only the ones submitted at time of application count?</p>

<p>erm...do they?</p>

<p>It probably depends on the school. The admissions rep at one school told us that even if you are accepted and given a merit award at the EA deadline, if you later get a score report higher than the one you submitted, they may raise the award. </p>

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<p>If your EA decision is deferral to regular, then you can submit additonal test scores up to the last test date the college accepts for regular admission (for many that is Dec, for many others it is Jan test date). Moreover, you can also submit a mid-year report of your grades if college normally requires one for regular admission applicants. In other words, it is just like you are an RD applicant but just got your intial app in earlier than others.</p>

<p>You mention updating with a Nov score, which you certainly can do, but be aware many EA schools with Nov 1 app deadlines actually accept Nov test scores for the EA decision.</p>