If I could change one thing....

<p>....about my application, it would be ______ .
Take the poll!</p>

<p>You should have put a "I like where I stand" choice. I don't really think I would have changed anything.</p>

<p>I got into my ED school, so I would not have applied to the 4 others.</p>

<p>I put my extracurriculars. I'm not ashamed of what I've accomplished, but I've just never had the vision that some people apparently have. I never knew it was possible for high school students to do the kinds of things I've heard about on here until I came here.</p>

<p>I've played a few sports here and there, I've been elected to some positions in some organizations and I've worked 25 hours a week throughout high school, but I just feel like I absolutely pale in comparison to the top applicants.</p>

<p>Extracurriculars, by and far. I would try to show much more academic initiative and passion outside of the classroom. I do show academic initiative outside the classroom now, but I would have done a lot of serious lab research if I could redo the process.</p>


<p>i would add a bunch of international awards to my resume. if i could.</p>

<p>Er. I'm just a junior, but this is still an interesting poll.</p>

<p>I would have stopped procrastinating in freshman year and worked for more achievements (-__-): eg. studied 10 hrs/ day for the IBO or ICO. lol. The point is, I wished I worked harder so I can have more time for other ECs now.</p>

<p>my interview..
I am sure that my extra curriculars and SAT and competetitveness of school make up for the mediocrity of my GPA... however, my interview was one that I will never forget. One stupid answer can break the interview, which sucks. However, I hope they saw my carelessness/bad joke as just that and not stupidity or immaturity. </p>

<p>Still I would rather take it back and avoid the whole thing.. haha. definitely interview.</p>

<p>GPA definately. my ECs are fine, except i wish i could've gotten my eagle.</p>

<p>Definately GPA...if I had all A's (i only take AP classes) throughout high school i would be all set.... everything is awesome except my grappy GPA...</p>

<p>GPA...I got like 4 borderline B+'s</p>

<p>GPA/Rank for sure. I slack.</p>

<p>I would definitely defintely definitely chance my SAT I and SAT II scores...other than that I think I'm ok.</p>

<p>gpa definitely
i got 11 Bs</p>

<p>i totally slack too. like for real, not "maaaah, i got beeeeesss," but like 4 cs and a d. in spanish of all things. what was i thinking? aaah. but my weighted gpa is still like 4.2 and i'm applying to top schools and could actually get in, maybe. not all is lost. but OOH i wish i could change my grades.</p>

<p>i wish i applied to more top schools. basically all the schools i applied to are 1. safety or 2. i have a 50% chance of admissions and they are all within 2 ranks of each other for my major. i thought i would get in all of the safeties and get in 2 out of the 6 good schools i applied to, and i'd visit the two schools and it would be an easy choice because i would be really glad to get into a good school. i ended up getting into every damn school and wondered what if i applied to .... and every school had things i didn't like. this is the worst feeling i believe.</p>

<p>I would change my school's coursebook to offer APs. Not that I care; I got in where I wanted. I just hope I'm not behind next year...</p>

<p>Definitely grades/GPA/rank as well. I surely have slacked and not handed in important assignments, causing me to get Bs in a LOT of my AP classes. I'm talking Bs overall - Cs and even Ds in specific marking periods. Thankfully, the colleges didn't see that on my transcript. I'd get an A- one marking period, and a C- the next. I'm not kidding, that actually happened in more than one subject...</p>

<p>It's not that I regret it, so much, but rather that I wish this were not shown on my application so much. It's certainly my weak point. Ah, I got into my first choice school early anyway, so all's well! (Wesleyan University)</p>

<p>after taking the poll i changed my mind! originally, i put "SAT/ACT scores", but now i realize that i did my best. i would like to put "Not a thing!" because my test scores are very good, just not perfect. and, i kind of wish i had applied to a harder "reach" school. i applied to notre dame, but i think it would have been interesting to apply to an ivy league. oh well!</p>

<p>if i cud change one thing, it wud definitely be my grades. just because of a C in A levels, i am ranked 21 in 84 which has hurt my chances badly. only if i had done better...</p>