If I did a program and got a certificate for it, should I put just the program, the certificate or put both?

Here’s some context!: I did two programs in the fall from the same organization, an 8 week fellowship and another program. We got three certificates of recognition per program for participating from the organization, the county, and our district house of representatives rep. I’m planning to put the fellowship in my activities section because it meant a lot to me, but I only spent 6 weeks in the other program because I joined late. Should I even bother putting the certificates in the honors section since they’re kinda just participation medals that sound cool?

Probably not. Were these fee based programs, or did you receive a scholarship? If it was a scholarship, you should definitely list that as it’s own thing, and also list the programs.

My suggestion: Do not include the certificates of recognition in the honors section as they are just acknowledgements of participation.

They were free programs offered by a pretty large nonprofit in my area, but other than a $150 stipend for one of the programs there wasn’t a scholarship.

Thank you both for the advice btw, I was airing on the side of leaving the certificates out so I’ll just settle for that unless I have some other big ecs that pop up to put in place of the program/s.

Free programs are fine. I’d probably leave out the certificates.