If I don't get into Ross, can I switch into Industrial Engineering?

<p>I have a couple questions. How hard is it to get into Ross? I heard the acceptance rate was about 33% within the Michigan student body. What kind of grades do you need to get into ross? I heard you need to take Econ, Calc, and Writing to apply. So if I don't get into Ross after my freshman year, can I change my shift into Industrial Engineering as opposed to Econ?</p>

<p>You can shift into IOE as a cross-campus transfer student, but you will be at a disadvantage and likely require more time to graduate (likely an extra semester). Additionally, you need to keep at least a 2.7 to be able to apply at all. Before applying you will have to take certain classes, but luckily a couple of these coincide with the ross prerequisites. The courses you have to take before applying for cross-campus transferring are as follows: Two semesters of Calculus (at Michigan), Physics 140 and 141, Chemistry 125,126, and 130, Engineering 101, and English 125. If you think you can handle it, you may want to take all of these courses during your freshman year, as doing this ensures that you are not behind your cohort. I would suggest a schedule like this: Fall Semester: Calc, English, Physics, Econ ; Winter Semester: Calc, Eng 101(programming), Chem, and another easier 3-credit class. Of course, these schedules can be seen as fairly difficult for a freshman, and you may have trouble keeping a high enough GPA to be legitimately considered for Ross.</p>

<p>TL;DR : Yes, but there are a couple stipulations and it may be difficult to keep your options open and not take a course-load that is over your head</p>