If I don't make it into McIntire at UVA, can I still major in accounting/finance?

<p>I'm confused. I'm planning on trying to transfer to UVA for my sophmore year or junior year. Problem is, I'm confuse as to how this all works.</p>

<p>If i successfully transfer to UVA (Sophmore or Junior Year) and I don't make it into McIntire, can I still major/double major in accounting/finance? I mean if I'm not in the McIntire School of Commerce, would I still be technically in the College of Arts and Sciences, and so I can't major in finance/accounting cause I"m not going to the undergrad business school there, right?</p>

<p>I mean, even if i don't get into McIntire, I think I'll stick it out at UVA for my last 3 or 2 years because coming from the school will better my chances of getting the top internships and the top business grad schools.</p>

<p>If you transfer sophomore year, you aren't transferring into McIntire. UVA students apply during their second year for admission to McIntire. If you then apply and don't get into McIntire, you can not major in accounting/finance because you're not a student in McIntire. You have to choose a different area of study.</p>

<p>If you transfer junior year, you directly apply to McIntire like everyone at UVA. If you're accepted, you're in and can major in whatever business field you want to. It's important to note that if you try to do this and you're not admitted to McIntire, you won't be admitted to UVA. They won't consider you for A&S.</p>

<p>Any other questions?</p>

<p>I can still make it into the other top graduate business programs with a CS major or a mech engineering major right? But thank you for answering for my question</p>

<p>Yes, you can make it into top MBA programs with any major.</p>