If I dropped out of schooo,I have no chance?

Hi, everyone. I’m 21 years old male who dropped out of high school several years ago.
I’ve worked and volunteered after dropping out of the school and kept studying all alone at home.

I don’t have a chance to gain admission to good college as a freshman with financial aid because of my bad school transcript even if I would have good scores of SAT I/II? Of course, maybe I would be able to prepare recommendation letters and essay.

Most college put emphasis on school transcript.
Surely, I can’t pretend not to be dropout, but home-schooled student, can’t me? So I’m unable to make an escape from school transcript dilemma?

I have no chance to gain admission to good college although I had over 750 scores of SAT I/II, prepare good essay and recommendation letters?

I’d appreciate any suggestions. thanks.

I have no idea if you can apply to a 4-year college directly, you can give admissions office a call to find out, but what you can do is take classes at a community college, get decent grades there, and transfer to a 4-year college later. You should figure out what a reasonable choice of college would be for you, maybe a state school in your state, as it’s usually the cheapest way to go, and find out what their requirements for transfer students are, and start chipping away at those at junior/community college. And you don’t need HS diploma to attend community college, at least in my state. Just have to be over 18.



I’m sorry I forgot to write one more thing. I’m international student who are not rich. Most College do not provide transfer financial aid or their competition is very keen. So If I would not be gain financial aid as transfer I will not be able to enroll college and stay US.

I think there are many home-schooled students who enroll good college. When it comes to dropout, do you have any good stories?

and please let me make an unnecessary addition, why US college put emphasis on HS transcript? they can make judgments if applicants have sufficient ability by SAT score and essay and if they have superior type of personality by their extracurricular activities or essay.

Your HS transcript shows you how much work you’re willing to put into a class and how much effort you’re willing to offer. For example, the kids that wants to learn and enjoys learning will take AP classes, which tells the college that they’re willing to work, and by their grade, how much rigorous courses they can stand.

Now for a story. My mom is acutally a college drop out, went through her first year of college and then left to marry my dad. She ended up being in US wanting an education after I was old enough to take care of myself, so she just enrolled into the nearest school (UNM). I don’t think she applied for finaid, so I can’t say if you’ll get it on your part, aha. But hey, I’d try anyways. (: So, she worked super super hard, finished nursing school on minunum wages for babysitting and other small jobs, and now earns 60k every year as an RN nurse… and then paid off college that way.

Also, she was maybe top of her class in china for freshmen and sophmore year. Then somewhere in the last half for her junior year and senior year. I don’t think they look at your transcript from accross the ocean though… maybe they do. Don’t quote me on that.
Anyhow, I wish you luck with everything! (:

thanks LuDeaux!!
your story is interesting for me, and encourage me to try to do it.
I’ll try to apply college.

Since you haven’t a high school diploma and since none of us know where you live, you can think of doing the following two things…

Study for the GED and then go to Community College on the basis of that

Go to the admissions offices of your local Community College now and ask about the “Ability to Benefit” test. That is a test for someone who hasn’t a high school diploma but who would like to go to Community College and obtain financial aid.

Things could be worse for you in this life, OP :slight_smile:

If your SAT scores were in the 750 range, you most certainly would be eligible for admission as a home/self-educated student. Go to the website of the school in which you are interested and locate the tab offering advice for homeschooled students. You may want to take a few classes at a community college just to show you can succeed and get to know some instructors who would be willing to give you a recommendation (be sure you do very well in their classes!). If your scores are as high as you say, you HAVE been home educating, whether you’ve been aware of it or not! I do notice that your written English suggests perhaps you are not a native English speaker; you might want to work on improving that before you tackle full-time university classes in the U.S. Good luck!