If I filled in the wrong code for Biology-E, will they catch it?

<p>I'm about 99% sure that I filled in the correct ovals that represent the code for the E Section (you know, the Q-7 M-4 etc thing), but in case I marked the wrong ovals, but not the ovals that would match the M test, would the machine catch the error? I marked 61-80 on the test. The thing is, I didn't go back and check to make sure I filled in the correct ovals.</p>

<p>I guessing they will. With form codes, seriel numbers, and form type, the test seems to be designed for redundancy in case of a mistake. it will probably delay your score. If the score comes back 500 composite, i wonder if they have a re-check service like ACT?</p>

<p>Then can't you request handscoring or something?</p>