If I get my ACT score deleted, will my high school transcript remove as well?

I recently took the ACT and did horrible. I literally just panicked during the test and my mind went absolutely blank. I had been scoring well on practice tests, often perfect scores or only missing one (in each section), but test day I literally had a panic attack and almost walked out. I am going get my ACT scores deleted as the ACT allows you to do this after your test scores, unlike the SAT. What I’m worried about is my my high school transcript. They put your AP scores, your SAT scores, and your ACT scores on your transcript. You can ask them not to include them when they print out an unoffiial copy, but I would prefer they delete my ACT score altogether just to make sure they don’t accidentally sent that score out when they send my official transcript. (They already screwed up and entered “550” for my SAT math score when it was supposed to be “750”–I had to show them my official SAT score from collegeboard to them it corrected). Has anyone had issues with their high school removing items from their transcript?

That is a question for your GC. Nobody knows what the policies are for your school. Ask and find out.

Yes, I plan to talk to my GC but I’d like to go in armed with additonal information if at all possible. The GC isn’t a very nice person, seems to hate her job, and can be touchy if not approached correctly. I can see her saying “your scores are a permanent part of your transcript so I can’t delete it”, even if there is no such policy (she has a history of inconsistent answers). It was actually this forum where I read a “heads up” post about making sure you get your ACT score removed from your high school transcript if you remove your ACT scores, otherwise I wouldn’t even have realized I needed to be aware of that.

Yes, people have been able to have that information removed from their transcript. However, as noted, policies differ. The fact that XYZ school does it will make no difference to your GC.

I actually found what I think might be the answer to this. I should have searched more carefully before posting my question. Apparently when you delete your ACT score the ACT sends a letter to your high school that the score has been deleted and is no longer valid, thus it should be removed from the transcript. I can’t imagine that a high school would still leave the score in there if the ACT sends an official email to have it removed. Below is what I found (in case others are wondering the same). I will obviously follow up with my GC, but being armed with this information makes me less nervous I’ll be met with any reluctance from the GC.

“Deleting the test with ACT assures that ACT will never provide a college with the test score or even tell a college that you took the test. However, you could still have an issue. Many high schools put all your test scores on the offical transcript sent to colleges. If your high school does that, you will need to make sure it does not send the test score. When you delete the test, ACT will send a notice to your high school that the test is no longer validt. However, you are the one who needs to make sure and verify your high school in fact eliminates it from your record.”