If i got in as a freshman, could I get in as a transfer?

<p>I got into some schools I really like as a freshman (University of Chicago, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Middlebury, Michigan), but I can't afford to go to them. I'm thinking of going to my state university for two years and trying to tranfer into one of these original schools--that way, I could actually afford it. Are my odds any better for getting in as a transfer if I got in as a freshman? Or am I still facing the single-digits odds rates?</p>

<p>I think they might be better, you'll have the high schools stats incase they matter, and assuming you have equally great college stats, you cant go wrong</p>

<p>Transfer anywhere among the top schools is a single digit chance even with great credentials. The Common Data Sets for any of the schools you listed will report the number of transfer apps, the number of transfers accepted, the number waitlisted, and the number enrolled. The numbers are very sobering. Reach for your dream but keep your eye on graduate school at your dream school. Good luck.</p>


<p>if after one year, your hs stats is still important so yes you probably would get in.
However, second year transfer the emphasis is on your college achievements so that will depend on you.</p>

<p>I would try to get loans, it's just not worth the headache in my honest opinion.</p>

<p>Your odds are single digits at a couple of those schools. Dartmouth accepts few transfers each year bcos the vast majority of students return and thus, they don't have the space. Ditto Duke and Northwestern. Large publics like UMich, OTOH, take a LOT of transfers.</p>

<p>I know that the odds are low number-wise, but my thought was that having already gotten in indicates that I'm qualified. The odds at these places are under 20% for freshman admission, but for me, they were 100%, since I got in. I'm thinking that since I was more qualified that the majority of the freshman applicants, I might be more qualified than the majority of the transfer applicants too.</p>

<p>the thing is, if the school just isn't taking a lot of transfer applicants, then they are saying no to a lot of qualified people. qualified people who probably have similar OR BETTER stats than you. </p>

<p>after a certain point, it's not whether you are qualified or not. it's whether Dartmouth has enough seats available for all of the people who could transfer. or Middlebury. or any school, for that matter. </p>

<p>you're in the same transfer pool as everyone else.</p>

<p>Your odds are better if you got in as a freshman. In my opinion.</p>