If I had a dime for every "Have you heard from Harvard yet?"

<p>Anybody experiencing the same thing? I could pay a year's tuition with all those dimes...</p>

<p>Even though I've applied to Yale, Columbia, and several other very famous and well thought-of schools, my school has taken a special interest in my Harvard app, for some reason. </p>

<p>The director made me rehearse several mock interviews before I had mine in January, and since then has asked at least once a week if I'd heard anything. He also sent an email to the admissions office and keeps updating me on his correspondences with them. No matter how many times I tell him that I won't know until March 31st, he remains persistent.</p>

<p>I think he has this idea that a graduate of the school going to Harvard would be a good pitch to tell people in the future, to convince them to pay 20,000 euro a year and come here.<br>
Maybe instead of those dimes, I should get a percentage of that 20,000....</p>

<p>LOL same experiences at my school.</p>

<p>samesies, hockeychic.</p>

<p>Does anyone else feel like their school is being more supportive of your Harvard application than the "regular" applications of other students because they want to be able to say, "a graduate of last year's class is at Harvard now" ?
Obviously this doesn't really apply at schools that send 4-5 kids to Harvard a year, but... I'm curious to see what everyone else has experienced.</p>

<p>^^The year after my daughter went off to Harvard her old high school decided to publish a list of all the colleges that last year's graduating class were now attending and send it to all the parents of current and incoming students. And of course Harvard was leading the list. It's not a fancy prep school but a middle-of-the-road public school, and having gotten one of their graduates admitted they were not about to let that go unnoticed.</p>

<p>The question I get the most is, "Have you gotten into Harvard yet?" As if they expect me to get in or something!</p>

<p>i got that for stanford scea,but after i got rejected things died down...</p>

<p>yeah...it's pretty annoying sometimes, having people ask you where you're going to college, or have you heard back from school X...although, i probably would have enough to foot Harvard's tuition if i had a nickel for every "have you heard from Harvard yet?" :)</p>

<p>no one cares at my school. too many ppl get in.</p>

<p>but if i had a dollar for, "so...where are you going next year?"</p>

<p>yeah i dont really get it at my school, around 20 people applied to harvard, princeton, and yale</p>

<p>when people ask me "did you get accepted?" or "where are you going?" I sing with my melodiously horrible voice 'somewhere~ over the rainbow, way up hiiiiiiigh. there's a place...."</p>

<p>Eh... considering about a dozen people at my school ultimately attend Harvard every year, it's not a big deal. In addition, nearly EVERYONE applies to at least one Ivy League school.
Every student gets equal attention, regardless of his academic or disciplinary record.</p>

<p>A popular question has been whether or not one has received a likely letter, though.</p>

<p>Same thing.. stupid people. lol.</p>

<p>Ahh I know...so many people keep asking. My school's another of those middling public schools--a few into Cornell every year out of 500 seniors, but very, very rarely any to HYP. </p>

<p>Along the same lines with the school wanting to take credit, does anyone else have to take pictures for newsletters and such with people from the school district that they've never even met? Like, I took a picture for National Merit with the head of the Board of Ed...and he didn't even know who I was or why he was there. He was just in the picture. <em>rolls eyes</em></p>

<p>I can't relate. I never made a big deal about applying to Harvard, so no one else really cares that I did.</p>

<p>That's why you don't tell anyone you applied to HYPS until AFTER you get in...</p>

<p>I was not going to tell a SOUL. But, obviously my counselor had to be told, and the teachers writing me recommendations, then they told the other teachers and the principal and the director and people I don't even know, and then my math teacher complained loudly in class about how early he had to get his rec for me in the mail, so then my math class knew, and since the entire senior class is only 36 people, by lunch it was common knowledge.</p>

<p>Who hates gossip, raise your hand?!</p>

<p>EDIT: same thing happened when I got an 800 on the SAT II Lit test, I had to tell the counselor and next thing I knew, everyone knew! The director even gave me a letter of congrats and a baggie of gummi bears....
uh yeah my school is a bit annoying.</p>

<p>Well, an 800 on that thing IS impressive :3</p>

<p>I'm not even a senior yet, and people at my school keeping saying that they heard I was accepted into Harvard. </p>

<p>I'm like WHAAAA!!?!?!?!!?</p>

<p>I'm a freankin' junior, how could I have been accepted into Harvard...some people ask the craziest things. I think it's becuase everyone knows me as the "smart kid" in school, so they're all expecting me to get in; which has never happened in th e history of my school.</p>