If I have a 2.917 weighted GPA, can I bring it up to a 3.0 in a semester?

I just finished my junior year. I screwed up my freshman and sophomore year. The college I want to apply to only accepts 3.0 GPA’s otherwise I cannot apply. I know it is possible to bring it up to a 3.0, but what grades do I need to get? I am taking 6 classes in total first semester. Five of those classes are worth 5 credits a piece and one is worth 2.5 credits; making a total of 27.5 credits. What grades will I need to get in order to get the bare minimum of a 3.0 weighted GPA?

Try this http://gpacalculator.net/high-school-gpa-calculator/

((X+27.5)3.0)-X2.917)/27.5 gives you the GPA you need to get in the next semester just for those 6 classes.

X = total number of credits already completed which are part of your 2.917 GPA.

Make a spreadsheet and plug in different grades for that 1st semester of senior year, to see the impact.