If I have a D on my transcript

<p>for one semester of sophomore year in Algebra 2H, can I still have a chance of being accepted if I retake the class during summer school for first semester, have straight A's for the rest of my grades, and a 2200+ SAT score (33 ACT)
I'm so worried this one grade screwed me over for every school :[</p>

<p>USC isn't going to toss your application aside because of one D. They review holistically and I think you have a great chance if you retake that class.</p>

<p>But if you're aiming to go into a field which requires lots of mathematics, that's a different story.</p>

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<p>I had two Cs (first semester junior year, even), a bunch of Bs, lower SATs, the same ACT, and I was admitted. But the whole college admissions process is a mystery, really.</p>

<p>So OP, what is your major? We can all give you a btter answer if we know that.</p>

<p>The OP has mentioned Marshall. He has just finished his sophomore year of high school. He is very concerned about this one grade - in fact all of the threads I linked above are the OP asking this same question on the USC forum. I am not sure what different answer he is hoping for this time.</p>

<p>This is true. He must be hoping for a different answer. I believe a D in Algebra is going to cause him trouble.</p>

<p>I'm retaking the class in summer school and have a 2150ish range right now, but am taking classes to make my math section go up a little more since that's the only section thats killing me right now. I also have a lot of leadership roles and extracurriculars if that helps?</p>

<p>I'm planning on majoring in anything Business-orientated but if I don't get my major I was just planning on entering undeclared :P</p>

<p>If you can retake the class and get a better grade that would certainly help you out. make sure you get a different teacher if possible and a tutor. Good luck!</p>

<p>as long as you have really rich parents your fine.</p>

<p>mrgrape, in what way will having really rich parents improve the grade?</p>

<p>I got a D in calculus second semester senior year, and they didn't care.
But I'm a film student, not a math or science major. You have better test scores than I did, and USC really tries to evaluate you as an overall person. They understand that everyone has slip ups, especially if they like everything else about you. Wow them with your personal statement.</p>