If I meet McGill's requirements, am I all good, or is there any other factor?

I love McGill (canada), and i was looking at their requirements earlier, and I meet all of them (some, like the ACT, by over 6 pts). Since they ONLY use GPAs/ACTs (and not ECs, LORs, Essays, legacies etc.), is there any other factor that could possibly come in the way? Does meeting the requirements by some margin means that you’re most likely getting a spot, or is it just a strict minimum?

as always, any help is appreciated! thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The McGill website states that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. However if you are significantly above all the minimum requirements then acceptance would be virtually certain. Also McGill accepts from the top down. The higher your stats, the sooner you will receive a decision.

Note that music and architecture have additional requirements.

Oh! that’s super interesting! do you know usually what the average waiting time usually is and when is the earliest time applications open for fall 2021?

also, right now, my act is at a 32 but i only took it once in February before i really started prepping, i obviously want to take it again in September/October, hoping for a 33-34, but since McGill is rolling, idk if I should wait for the newer score to come back (until mid october/november) or if i should j get it out of the way now and submit before a lot of ppl start too, since its rolling apps

Generally acceptances don’t start rolling out until January, regardless of when you apply. But @TomSrOfBoston is correct - they definitely accept from the top down. My DD heard one week after applying - some students won’t hear until the end of May or June. Good luck!