If I resign or get kicked out of NHS will my admission to Tufts get rescinded?

So I got into Tufts on Friday!!! which is amazing but I have a problem. We had a substitute teacher on Tuesday and she set up the projector so our class could watch a movie, but i was using my phone to turn it off and on during our class. Half way through I stopped and some other kids kept doing it, but somehow my teacher found out and is blaming the whole thing on me and since she is the NHS adviser she wants to kick me out (I’m convinced she has a personal vendetta against me). I don’t think the school will take any disciplinary action, I was just messing around. If she succeeds in kicking me out, or I resign ( I don’t really care it’s a complete waste of my time and is frankly her power trip. She makes us all dress up in suits and dresses for a 10 minute meeting) will my admission get revoked?
P.S During the “hearing” (witch hunt) she brought up a single instance in over half a school year of me “disrespecting her” when I was writing my college essays in her class, and continued to belittle me in front of a committee of teachers even though it had nothing to do with the incident. Also I have nothing on my disciplinary record unless the school decides to take action, is that likely?

Anyone? :confused:

You will hopefully do a lot of growing up in college.

I know it was stupid, but its pretty petty of a reason no?

Getting kicked out of an extracurricular activity, so long as your school takes no disciplinary action, should have not consequence on your admission decision.

Yeah, I talked to several of my teachers and the principal and he said that she was “acting against the ethical code to which teachers are trained to work by and uphold” and that he’d be more than willing to hold a meeting between my parents and the teacher.

Start growing up right now. Take ownership of what you did and apologize for your actions. Stop complaining about the consequences for the choice you made. Stop trying to minimize what you did and spread the blame to others. Start showing respect to your teachers and advisers. Start doing all that and you will be more than fine. I wish you good luck at Tufts.

^What he said


I’ll chime in and agree with the last two commenters.

On a parallel note, seniors must pay special attention to coloring within the lines during their last year in school. Though mostly at boarding schools, where student behavior is very closely watched, all high school seniors are under some sort of scrutiny. Cheating, plagiarizing, poor behavior, drugs, at many schools smoking cigarettes, can lead to serious discipline and can clearly affect college admissions. Though again I agree with other posters here, that it is highly unlikely Tufts will do anything if your high school has not raised the issue to one of formal discipline.

If I were you, I would go to the teacher, and apologize. Tell her it is obvious to you she doesn’t really care for you (putting her a little on the offensive). Tell her you feel badly over how things are going, so you are going to withdraw from the NHS so she will enjoy the rest of the year. Tufts won’t even find out about this. If you can settle this between yourselves, just withdraw, there are no consequences. BUT,watch the whole senioritis thing!

I did apologize to her and the substitute, I even wrote them sincere letters of apology, I get that what I did was foolish and immature, my issue was that she put me on a stand and ripped me apart in front of other teachers and students bringing up her feelings of me as a student and why she does not like me as a person, saying that because I wrote an essay for a different class in hers I was extraordinarily disrespectful. This was the only instance she cited and when she finished, she proceeded to tell me that because of my disrespectful actions (to her not the substitute) I deserved nothing that I was a cruel and cold hearted person etc, causing other teachers to come up to me afterwards and apologize to me saying that none of this was true and that I am in fact a kind person, a benefit to the classroom, and a pleasure to have as a student. Today my teacher was sent to the district headquarters for arbitration because of her commentary.

I am beginning to have suspicions about this story!

You haven’t sounded very “sincerely apologetic” so far on this thread… and I bet she knows it. Sounds like you acted like a jerk, and now there are consequences for you. Here is another thought for you… you want to be thoughtful and appropriate in your behavior as much as possible, because you never know when a bad moment will come back to bite you. You had misbehaved around her before, and she remembered that about you. So you got no benefit of the doubt when you did something boorish again later on.

Apologize and move on