If I submitted a bad AP score, should I self-report it too so I won't look like I'm hiding anything?

Hi! I accidentally submitted all my AP scores by submitting my official AP score report, and while I was planning on self-reporting 4/5 of them anyway, one of them is a 2 from freshman year and I was definitely NOT planning on reporting that. Since I’ve already sent in the bad AP score, should I self-report it too? (I don’t want to look like I’m hiding anything). Or will the official score report not be considered during admissions at all (I heard somewhere they just put it in the registrar for class sign-ups), only the self-reports. BTW the AP score was in US Government which is not related to the major I’m pursuing, so will it really be detrimental to my application? Also my top school is NYU (I’m not interested in Ivy schools) – do you think they’ll turn me down for this? I need straight-talk here. Thanks!

Are you using your AP scores to satisfy NYU’s standardized testing requirement (even though they are fully TO this year)?