If I switch from ED2 to RD can I still ED somewhere else?

I applied to college A ED because it’s my dream school. Then I made the mistake of applying to college B ED2 before hearing back from college A. This bring two questions:

First: can I switch my college B from ED2 to RD?

Second: If the switch is possible, can I still keep my college A ED application?

Thank you so much!

You would have to contact college B and ask them to switch your application to RD as you’ve already submitted your application. Your status should update in their own applicant portal, but will not sync backwards with the Common App, so if you decide to apply ED2 to a different school after hearing back from your ED school, you will have to apply RD and see if the school allows you to submit a pdf ED agreement form instead after having applied.

You are not allowed to apply ED and ED2 at the same time, as ED is a binding decision. ASAP get your application round changed w/school B, and talk to your guidance counselor regarding next steps: they’ll know the most about issues like these.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! I am contacting school B today and I will update the thread! I am glad I realised you can’t do both now before it was too late.