If I was suspended in Middle School, do I have to put it in my application?

I’m applying to Penn State at the moment, and the wording of a question has me worried. The question states: " Have you ever been dismissed or suspended for disciplinary reasons from secondary school, Penn State or any other institution, or are you ineligible to return to a prior institution due to a disciplinary matter?". Does a middle school count as another institution? I was legitimately another person before high school, and my dumb*ss stole a phone(no idea what was going through my head). Do I have to put this onto there? I’d really rather not. Thanks

No. Your record (at least at most schools) is erased before you enter high school. Secondary school, from what I understand, refers to high school. I couldn’t imagine if you were in 6th grade that six years later they are like, “We aren’t accepting this kid because he got in trouble in 6th grade.” Hope this helps, I’d also ask a trusted adult at your school for more information, I’m sure they have an answer. Good luck!

No. The question refers to HS and above. Good luck.

Actually it may be considered a secondary school as middle school is between primary/elementary and college. That is how it is defined in the dictionary and in my country too. If it is referring to high school and above, it should have used the more common term.

Not to be pedantic, but:


And yes, I know different books will have alternate definitions.

Moot point. Penn State is located in the United States of America, so your country’s definition, assuming it’s a different country, is not relevant here. commonly accepted US English is fine for a US university to use. I think we can be safe in our assumption that the university in question does not consider 6th-8th grades as “secondary school.”

If you are referring to the term “High School,” that is a term that is seldom used, even in English-speaking countries, outside of North America.

Of course, the OP can simply ask Penn State.

No you don’t.