If i'm asian, am i basically screwed?

<p>SAT I - 1380 (taking another in Dec.)
SAT II- 750 (math 2c) 720 (writing) 730 (Korean)</p>

<p>GPA- 4.5, weighted, 11/660

<p>Extra curriculars-
officer of NHS and SPeech and Debate
National Forensics League
Key Club, CSF, Leaf, Operation US, Chess Club, Spanish Honor Society
126 hrs volunteer at hosp.
Working (at Magic Mountain during summer) 38hrs/week
Men's Chamber (choir)
Tennis letterman (3 years)
Chemistry tutor (5 hr/week)</p>

AP Bio-4
AP Physics- 3
AP Spanish- 3
AP Comp- 4
Ap European History- 4</p>

<p>Senior SChedule-
AP calculus BC
AP economics/govn
AP Chemistry
H. British Literature</p>

<p>And ofcourse, I'm asian. Does that put me at a disadv. for UC's? Anyway can u guys tell me my reaches, matches, and safety's of:</p>

<p>UC Berkeley

<p>can anyone just give me a try?</p>

<p>u got a great shot at all those schools, espically since you're instate. They have a very specific point formula, and most of it is computer read. I posted it in another reply a few days ago if u want to look it up</p>

<p>Asians and whites are never at a disadvantage at UC's, because the vast majority of admitted students are asian and white. It used to be that they tried to give underrepresented minorities a break, but they can no longer try to include by race. What cave have you been living in?</p>

<li>UC Berkeley <a href="possible%20match">i</a></li>
<li>UCLA <a href="possible%20match">i</a>
<li>UCSD <a href="match">i</a></li>
<li>UCSB <a href="match">i</a>
<li>USC <a href="possible%20match">i</a>*</li>


<p>Same as in your previous thread.</p>

<p>2 words: Affirmative Action
THey are not given a disadvantage, but they don't get an advantage either. As the scoring goes 0-300 pts for minority status.</p>

<p>However some schools such as:</p>

<p>U of Washington
U Michigan Medical School
U of Texas
...etc. do not use race as a factor.</p>

<p>That is why all the controversy is around UC's, which were one of the first schools to announce it to the public, that they will take affirmative action.</p>

<p>Anthony.. do you live under a rock? Of course asians are screwed for the UCs (not you in particular, yohan) but its because they (we) are all overachievers and asians swarm in cali.. chances for caucasians is better than of asians at most elite schools.</p>

<p>How are Asians screwed for the UCs?</p>

<p>The University of California system does not use affirmative action. \m/</p>

<p>the fact that a lot of asians with good scores apply (sorry if i am stereotyping) will obviously hurt... it would be considered "reverse discrimination" as in the michigan cases if 80% of the people admitted were asian... thus being the case i find myself at an advantage... an asian in a predominately white community (there's 2 of us in my school of 1100) HAHAHA, but i could see where ur comin from, and i don't think that will impede ur chances of entrance, u seem like a well rounded person</p>

<p>aright, so being asian wont really affect me, but any more feedback on reaches, matches, and safetys?</p>

<p>Good possibilities at all of them.</p>

<p>From the Bakke decision in 1978 to Ward Connerly's campaign for Proposition 209 in 1996, admissions has been the hot-button issue in California education. Last October, John Moores, chair of the UC Board of Regents and a major donor at UCSD, fired the latest salvo in the ongoing cultural war, when he criticized the “comprehensive review” process, particularly its implementation at Berkeley. UC president Robert Dynes responded by asking the UC Task Force on Eligibility and Admissions to produce a study of the admissions process. The results published on March 8, 2004, showed that in 2003, Blacks and Chicano/Latinos were admitted at a higher rate than predicted by a statistical model, while Asian Americans and Whites were admitted at slightly lower rates. This prompted Dynes to release a statement saying “I remain concerned about a few presently unexplained differences in admit rates of similar students by race/ethnicity.” </p>

<p>On March 12, Moores wrote an opinion piece in Forbes magazine accusing Berkeley of using a “fuzzy” admissions policy. “How did the University get away with discriminating so blatantly against Asians?” he wrote. “Through an admissions policy with the vague term comprehensive review.” On March 18, the Board of Regents voted 8-6 to pass a resolution censoring Moores for the Forbes piece and reaffirming comprehensive review. </p>

<p>ranisparkle, did I say Asians were not screwed for the UC's?</p>

<p>no you didnt, i read the message again, and i skipped the part about not having an advantage either.. i have selective reading, what can i say?</p>

<p>Okay, I just have one little thing to say. Why is it that so many Asians say that Asians are discriminated against as a whole when in all the top colleges the percent of the school that is Asian is always bigger than the percent of the school that is black or Hispanic even though blacks and Hispanics make up a much larger portion of the nation's population than Asians. The fact is Asians are overrepresented in colleges and thus it makes it harder for individual Asians who don't have the top scores and all that other good stuff colleges look for, but colleges don't discriminate against Asians as a whole because if they did, the percentage of Asians in these colleges wouldn't be so large.</p>

<p>overrepresented... i'm not sure that's the right word, however, i'm pretty sure if a black or hispanic applicant were as qualified they would be selected over the asian, it's the fact that the asians have such good scores that they manage to fill up the top univiversities... the fact of the matter is that asians that have scores as good as any black, hispanic, and even in some cases white applicants are rejected because there are too many asians... in that respect they are overrepresented, but in the same respect that would also be discrimination against asians as a whole...</p>

<p>basically it construes the message that if ur asian, u better have hella good grades or else you don't stand a chance</p>

<p>yeah because asians compete against other asians, and the competitions between asians is MUCH stiffer than between asians and any other ethnicity.. aff actions favors hispanics over blacks over whites over asians</p>

<p>It's a shame that Asians are stereotyped to be so pedantic and smarter than everyone that it leads to this. Basically, what you should do is leave the race bubble on the application blank.</p>


<p>i'm pretty sure it's not that hard to tell by last names... i mean... my last name is chen... guess what i am...</p>

<p>an eskimo?</p>