If I'm taciturn by nature, have I a chance...

<p>First of all, exuse me for my Britain English in the topic.</p>

<p>I read on this site that Harvard search for very active communicable persons, but I'm rather taciturn, and for me it's better to learn the math, georaphy or draw the picture, than to take part in debates (although I am considered as a good debator in my school).</p>

<p>Have I a chance in Harvard?</p>

<p>Being taciturn, per se, is not a problem at Harvard. There are other quiet, studious students there. However, you may need to be at least talkative enough to give a decent admissions interview.</p>

<p>Have you a chance? I say NO. Speak up!</p>

<p>Thank you for the direct answer.</p>

<p>i think there are merits in being assertive without necessarily being vocal.</p>