If majoring in film, best double major or minor?

<p>I want to major in film production. I definitely want to have another major, or at least a minor. What do you think would be the best majors and minors in this case?</p>

<p>I'm interested in Film Studies, Psychology, English, Journalism, etc... but would those be worth it, if the chances of getting a job are slim? Or just majors that go well with Film Production? What would those be, exactly?</p>

<p>Minor/Double Major in English. It's helpful. Or if the college you're going to offers screenwriting you should do that too.</p>

<p>No, it would not be worth it to dish out the big bucks for English, Psychology, Journalism or Film Studies if your interest and goal is Film Production. Once you take the 2 foundational classes of these subjects in high school or part of your lower division you are done with them. You will have to take upper division writing, 3 GE and a few Film Studies classes anyways in upper division. </p>

<p>Good technical minors if available would be in CS, EE, or IT if you go that direction. If go the business direction then anything such as electronic media management, entertainment law, (graphic) communications, or digital media (management) if available.</p>

<p>Serious film production majors often spend so much time nights and weekends on fellow students film sets that it is difficult to keep up with your regular classes. A double major may not be realistic if it requires a heavy class load. My D has trouble with just a minor (music) and her regular class load.</p>

<p>In the film industry, it's not like you are working for a company that takes care of all the business aspect for you. Most of the time you have your own company you are working through on a project by project basis. I would humbly suggest a minor in business.</p>

<p>good examples of technical film job and requirements</p>

<p>Technical Assistant - Image Unit<br>
Company Lucasfilm Animation</p>

<p>Education, Experience and Skills:
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree.
• Demo Reel and/or portfolio required in order to demonstrate aesthetic eye and/or artistic background.
• Knowledge of, and experience with, 3D modeling/animation software (i.e. Maya) and 2D design software (i.e Photoshop) required.
• 1-2 years experience programming (i.e. C/C++) and scripting language experience (i.e. Python, Perl).
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills required. Also strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively interact with diverse personalities.
• Proven knowledge of and experience with Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems.
• Familiarity with film, video, and animation postproduction and/or computer graphics techniques highly desired.
• Strong time management skills. Ability to multi-task and prioritize.
• Proven ability to work autonomously and in team settings.
• Highly motivated. Career focus for the animation and visual effects industry.</p>

<p>Software Developer III<br>
Company Lucasfilm Entertainment Company</p>

<p>Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or other technical degree with 3-5 years experience in a professional software development environment required.</p>

<p>Demonstrated ability to serve as an effective contributor on mid to large scale development projects. </p>

<p>Proficient in UNIX.
Python experience and knowledge is required.
Experience with Enterprise Application Development a plus.
Experience with GUI Development preferred.
Experience in a fast paced production environment a plus.
SQL and database experience a must. </p>

<p>good but specific example of business accountancy for the film industry</p>

<p>Lead Production Accountant<br>
Company Industrial Light & Magic</p>

<p>Lead Production Accountant is responsible for the handling of complex production finance work for specific project(s), which requires an understanding of accounting principles and an advanced understanding of the Visual Effects production process. Works with discretion as to work details on assignments of a varied nature. Provides general and specialized analysis support. Works closely with FX Producers and other production staff.</p>

<p>Bachelors degree is required and a C.P.A. or M.B.A. is strongly encouraged. 6-8 years of professional experience. </p>

<p>Three or more years Feature (or entertainment/advertising industries) production finance/accounting experience. Expert proficiency in Excel. Experience with IT applications such as Oracle (Oracle Projects.) TM1 experience a plus.</p>

<p>I'd like to add on to what Jtmoney and Digmedia have said. Depending on the program you attend, there may NOT be time to have a second major. If that is important to you vet your programs very carefully. In some, when doing production you spend all day filming and editing, for weeks at a time. You cannot leave a shoot to attend another class. At ones where you CAN double major, the production experience may not be as intensive.</p>

<p>But... if a second major is a possibility, I'd like to add my vote for business. You could end up working for a company, who will handle all the business aspects for you. But many do work on independent films and projects, and either produce them themselves or work as "contract" employees (which means you work for yourself, and hire yourself out for jobs). For those situations business skills are invaluable.</p>