If not Cornell...

<p>If Cornell doesnt work out where are you thinking of applying?</p>

<p>for international students, we can't wait to until our ED results are out to decide to start applying for other schools as it'd be too late then! so basically i've started my other applications.. some other schools include UCs, NYU, Umich and babson college :] cornell is definitely my first choice though!</p>

If i get into uchicago w/o cornell, i'll apply to dartmouth and to yale.
If i don't get into neither cornell or uchicago, i'll apply to dartmouth and to vanderbilt (ED II)
If I don't get even get into dartmouth or vanderbilt, I'll just go to university of michigan which i have already been accepted or wait for decisions from berkeley and ucla which i have already applied.</p>

<p>^ just curious about when you applied to umich and how long did it take for you to hear back from then?
congrats :)</p>

<p>if not cornell, carnegie mellon (which i'm sending in on monday)
if not carnegie mellon, umich (already sent in)
if not umich ( i applied ER but really late ), syracuse and rice</p>

<p>if not cornell....(for hotel)</p>

<p>BU, U of denver, FSU (maybe), NYU, RIT, Providence, American, and there are more but i cant remember them which must mean that i don't like them enough.</p>

<p>If not Cornell... (for meteorology),</p>

<p>then SUNY Albany, SUNY Oswego, Penn State Univ. Park, U-Mich Ann Arbor, and Lyndon State College in Vermont.</p>

<li>Cornell (ED)</li>
<li>Binghamton (EA)</li>
<li>College Park, Maryland</li>
<li>University Park, Penn State</li>

<li>Cornell (ED)</li>
<li>Emory (ED II?)</li>
<li>UNC (EA)</li>
<li>One of the top 3 UC's</li>
<li>Penn State (Applied)</li>
<li>Purdue (Accepted)</li>

<p>BC, Georgetown, Tufts, Wesleyan, Emerson (Honors Program)? haven't really thought about other possibilities....=[</p>

<p>When I don't get into Cornell,
I'll go to Boston College, if I get in, which means I'll probably have to go to my next choice:
Colgate, but when I get rejected there, I'll end up going to
Fairfield University :(.</p>

<p>BU, NYU, Purdue, UCs (hotelie =])</p>

<p>If i get rejected or deferred, I ll send in the apps to the other Ivys, umich, mit, duke , chicago, a few 7 year med programs and maybe a couple more....I know my list is very long....</p>

<p>oliviachang, it took michigan about a month, but i submitted my app. late september, so if you submitted yours around early response deadline (oct 31st), it might take longer.</p>

<p>if not cornell, my top choices are rice, tufts and emory</p>

<p>thanks kevinc2, i actually haven't even started my michigan app...
i plan to after UC ones are in and final exams are over with!</p>

<p>(Im 09'er)
I'm going for EA U chicago, ED Cornell.
I'll also apply regular Princeton, BU, Columbia, UCB, Stanford. (Im international, so I'll have to send the apps before I get notified of admission, which really sucks)</p>