If only Yale knew that...

<p>I thought this could be a funny thread. What do you wish Yale knew? </p>

<p>Here's mine:
So I was just talking to my mom about Yale, and she randomly dropped the following sentence into our conversation:</p>

<p>"You know, your ancestors are from Connecticut. Your uncle told me we had ancestors who donated land to the college at its beginning and assisted in its founding."</p>


<p>Lol. If only Yale knew.
I searched it online and it's true, for all you non-believers.</p>

<p>If only Yale knew that I can speak and understand Italian, and some German, sort of, and I can say “yes”, “no”, and “I’m pregnant” in Russian. </p>


<p>If only Yale knew I was more than a mere Muggle…</p>

<p>If only Yale knew that I’m part Hispanic… around 1/5000, that is…

<p>If only Yale knew that I am from the future. </p>

<p>It is imperative that they accept me … it’s the only way to save the cheerleader!</p>

Loved the first season. Hated the rest.</p>

<p>^I was worried no one would understand the reference. thank you. :)</p>

<p>(I ditched the show midway through the second season.)</p>

I don’t blame you. I only stuck around to see it to the end, and look what happened…</p>

<p>I’m on to better things now AKA Fringe.</p>

<p>The third season was AWFULL. </p>



<p>I’ve never seen 24. Have you been watching Fringe since the beginning?
And yes, the third season deserved to be choked.</p>

<p>I personally enjoy House, although I haven’t had time to watch it lately.
[Polite</a> Dissent](<a href=“http://www.politedissent.com%5DPolite”>http://www.politedissent.com) is a cool website if you watch House/Fringe and are interested in some of the more sciency stuff - applies better to House, as you’d expect haha!</p>

<p>Owlehn- You should watch it. It’s fabulous. Am I the only one who also watches 90210 and Gossip Girl? :P</p>

<p>24 was really awesome until the sixth season. Then it was just pretty good, imho. Still one of my favorite shows ever, though.</p>

<p>House, on the other hand, has always, and will always, be awesome. Forever. Best show on TV.</p>

<p>I’m not such a big House fan. My favourite 24 season was definitely the one with the deadly virus.</p>

<p>On a side note- I just realized, in all my essays, words such as colour are spelled that way and not color. Favourite not favorite. We follow British English not American. Does it make a difference?</p>

<p>^ It won’t matter.</p>

<p>Season 3! Yes! I think that one was my favorite too. That or 5. I spent one summer in middle school watching every single episode of the first 5 seasons. </p>

<p>Which, on a related note, is something I don’t wish Yale knew. <.<</p>

<p>Haha. It’s good to lay claim to laziness sometimes! When I was in middle school, I watched ALL of Gilmore Girls in my summer vacations. I used to love that show. Maybe I should have mentioned it in ‘Why Yale’.</p>

<p>Omg Kaira! ME TOO! hahaha and I also love Gossip Girl and 90210! I’m so upset there are no new episodes this week :(</p>

<p>The Good Wife is amazing. But I like 90210, GG, and House too… although House has really changed if you compared season 1 to the latest. It’s darker and less fun, methinks.</p>

<p>Hahaa… so GG=Columbia, House=Princeton. Where art thou, Yale? (I guess you could say Gilmore Girls then)</p>